back to work

So I started work yesterday. Training to be exact. Nothing much. Just preparing drinks. Hate the milk shake mixer coz if you don’t get the hang of it, you tend to splash a little.

Today, still doing drinks but learnt how to do cashier-ing at the end of the day. A bit harder. I hope customers will be more patient coz I can’t find the buttons on the cash register. I’m sure as time goes by it’ll be better but for now, still quite nervous.

Hmmm…I kinda prefer office/admin jobs. You don’t need to face customers…even if you have to, it’s once in a while and not every moment. Luckily it’s just a part-time job, so 4 hours a day. I’m trying to psycho myself that at least there’s Sis with me and that I’ll be doing till the end of the year. So just tahan a bit for now… Besides, the other crew and manager are quite friendly so it’s not too bad.

One thought on “back to work

  1. hmm.. believe in yourself boss. be confident but not over-confident. you’ll be able to get over your fear of meeting customers (esp meanie ones) and soon, you’ll be a pro! whoo! 😉


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