i could just cry

You don’t know how relieved I am to see my blog is back. For the past 2 days, I have gone from being puzzled to shocked to mega-shocked to angry to anxious to relieved. Was also prepared for the worst – 2 weeks worth of blog entries gone.

It all started when I went to check on a subdomain of mine on Monday. No page displayed. I thought perhaps Netrillium was under maintenance or something. Wasn’t too bothered by that. Tuesday, went to my blog. WordPress said they couldn’t find my database. Logged into CPanel to check. Biggest shock of my life. ALL MY CREATED DATABASES WERE GONE!!! Bikkurishita~~ I was cursing and swearing all the way coz that might mean that 2 months worth of blog entries might be gone.

I recalled Nad faced the same problem a few days ago and I remembered she had to go through Google’s and Yahoo’s cache to retrieve some of her stuff. Did the same thing. Managed to retrieve some stuff…which meant I lost 2 weeks worth of entries. Quite disappointed coz afterall, they are my memories. Called up Nad, complaining to her and telling her what I feared – that somebody has hacked into my account. Coz there were unknown subdomains and FTP accounts created. She calmed me down and asked me to contact the Netrillium staff for help.

The Netrillium staff found out the problem…I shall quote a little of the contents of the reply here…

I have been investigating this issue. It seems that CPanel has crossed your account with another customer’s. The ownership of files had changed which is why you were seeing some of his data and he was seeing parts of yours.

The bad thing is that both of you deleted some of each other’s things that you saw in CPanel/FTP. We’ll need to try to get that from backups.

I guess he deleted my databases and I deleted his subdomains. Haha… Anyway, they have successfully retrieved my databases from backups. So my blog’s back. Thank God! Nothing lost… Really learnt my lesson. Shall be faithful in manually backing-up all my entries from now on.

2 thoughts on “i could just cry

  1. びっくりしたのね?~ まぁ、今も大丈夫だったら、よっかたね?
    Why don’t you upload to your main root folder, a txt file with the name ‘ReadBeforeDeletingFiles’ and explain that ‘if anyone reads this, please don’t delete’ and leave your email in the file for the person to mail you?
    In case it happens again.. *choy choy* 

  2. it’s not the files that the other person can see – just CPanel stuff like subdomains and SQL databases as well as FTP accounts. I still think there’s a security risk if such a thing can happen o_O

    anyhow, glad you’re back! and yeah, we learn to backup through these lessons. well, I learnt the hard way though =/ haha…

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