mediacorp staff are rude

Saturday, the long awaited day. Ok, I’m exaggerating. Got up early, met Joyce and Desmond at Novena, had lunch then…off to Mediacorp. Read the previous entry for more details. Met Per there.

Sis wanted to be earlier than the group from Jpopmusic forums. We reached there around 3pm. Hmmm…not many people. Thank God! There was a post with the poster of the event on the side and there were already a few people queuing up behind it so we thought might as well just join the queue. Read magazines and talked to pass the time.

While waiting, my eyes were tortured from seeing some girl’s (from the forum) buttcrack. And she didn’t even realise for a long long time till somebody went to tell her. That kind soul. Lesson for all girls…don’t try to be hiao (vain) and wear low cut jeans if you’re going to expose yourself in the end.

At about half an hour to the time to be let in, there were groups of people standing by the side. I knew what they meant to do later…to cut into the queue. I cautioned Sis about it. I was right…about 15 minutes before the time, the group of people standing by the side grew. Alarmed, the other people in the queue (including us), stood up. I don’t know what happened next but the whole group of forum girls went in front as well. Then came the shout for an orderly queue by the Mediacorp staff. Note: We were damn irritated by then coz these people were just trying to cut into the queue. Blardee hell.

So now, the staff decided to do something. *sarcastic* Finally! This Mediacorp staff, a lady, ordered everyone to form a queue, two by two. Of course, those of us who were already in the original queue had no problem about it. But it was those who were not in it that tried their best to squeeze/cut in. Note: I was damn irritated and spewing vulgarities by then.

There were these 2 guys who didn’t manage to squeeze in in front of us. And coz they were sticking out, the Mediacorp lady ordered them to get into the queue. Sis was so irritated that she just told the lady that these people are late and they weren’t in the queue and now they are going to cut in front of us. There was no way she’s going to let them. I was thinking to myself that this Mediacorp lady had the authority to ask latecomers to go to the back of the queue. OH NOOOOOO…I was wrong. This stupid lady just answered back fiercely saying that if we’re not going to cooperate, nobody will be let in. FUCK MANZ!!! I just stared at her in disbelief. WTH WTH WTH!!! I wanted to slap her silly there and then. Here we are, the early birds, in the queue for more than 2 hours just to ensure that we can get a good seat and there you go allowing stupid latecomers to cut in front of us. And you have the cheek to say we aren’t cooperating. WTF!

In the end, some stupid aunties at the back of us allowed them in. Why stupid aunties? Coz they were also the people who cut in and they still had the cheek to exclaim innocently that people are early so they can get a good seat. Not only that, those forum people who cut in front of us also just looked at us innocently like they didn’t do anything wrong. I had the urge to gorge their eyes out. I have a super bad impression of them now. To think that they are so-called fans, shouldn’t they be setting a good example?

We intend to write a letter of complaint. The management is so lousy. And it’s not like they haven’t got experience in handling such events. They have held even worse events with way more people than this. They seriously haven’t done ANYTHING to improve the situation. They should learn from Heeren/HMV. After one to two autograph sessions that saw tons of fans, they decided to give out number tags in the following autograph sessions. This ensured that the queue was an orderly one and that the autograph session was fast yet successful. Everyone went home happy getting their star’s signature. Only thing is that we were to furious with that Mediacorp lady to note down her name. So damn blardee rude.

Apart from that unhappy experience, we enjoyed the show. Sharon Au cracked lots of lame jokes…she just said a lot of stuff. Oh and her Japanese isn’t that wonderful. There were the taiko performances, dance performances, a video presentation and finally the V-u-den performance. They performed a total of 6 songs. Rika looks a little darker than in photos. Yui has lost weight. They tried to speak a little English but Rika forgot what she had to say. Haha…

After their performance came the lucky draw. There was this group of Japanese guys (fans) who were just so crazy. They wrote their ticket number really big on a piece of paper and started waving it. When their number wasn’t announced, they just sighed loudly. Per and I were laughing non-stop. This lucky girl won a pair of return tickets to Japan! Haha…

Photography wasn’t allowed during the event. I didn’t dare secretly take photos coz there were staff around. I only took after the event…

Per and I

Joyce pointing to her nose???

Later, someone (one of the forum people who was at the event) posted in the forum that she and another 2 girls managed to sneak and wait in the carpark for V-u-den to leave. They got in a cab to chase the van. It was reported that the van drove round and round, I think trying to shake them off but they just continued following. That was when the manager got off the van and scolded them. She said he scolded them that stalking in Japan is illegal and that nobody would want to come to Singapore if they did that.

I guess they haven’t experienced it before. In Japan, people don’t really do these kinda things. Besides, it’s too expensive to get into a cab just to chase stars.

Hmmmm…I got a call from the Mos Burger manager to go down to the Parkway outlet for orientation on Monday…which is…ermz…later.

2 thoughts on “mediacorp staff are rude

  1. does that mean you’ll be working at parkway?

    gosh, that lady is really rude. for one thing, she ought to throw them to the back! you got her name down, right?

  2. Nope. Just for orientation and perhaps training. We applied for the TM outlet. Nearer home mahz. Can walk to work…save on transport.

    YA MANZ. Felt like just slapping the hell outta her. Nope. Too furious that we didn’t get a look at her tag to see her name.

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