i love Osaka

I meant to post this some time ago but was dealing with some problems with my site and then work caught up…yada yada yada. So pardon me if you find this a little outdated.

So, I got to watch Kanjani8’s new PV *it stands for promotional video*…Sukiyanen, Osaka! Lots of fun stuff to expect from such a fun group. Who would have thought of adding such humour to their video…

The GREAT balancing act

Notice that Ryo is not balancing anyone? Oh, but HE IS! He’s supposed to be balancing Uchi who isn’t in the PV. Yes, we all know that Uchi is on suspension. But what do you know, Kanjani8 is not Kanjani8 without Uchi. So let’s pretend that he’s there! What a genius…

The revolutionary K8 fan

Now really…who would have thought of that?

Seen anything weird lately?

Take a closer look…don’t blink now…

Oh my…that was absolutely hilarious. When Yoko mentioned “Tanaka-san”, Hina and Ohkura just gave these faces.

So WHO IS Tanaka-san?

This is Tanaka-san

Seriously, this PV cannot be compared to Naniwa Iroha Bushi or Osaka Rainy Blues. I just felt that this PV was rushed out. All it had were scenes from their concert, scenes from their CM (commercial) for Sukiyanen instant noodles and added funny scenes as shown above. But nevertheless, the song is a fun one. 7 guys expressing their love for their hometown…well, almost since Maru’s from Kyoto and Yasu’s from Hyogo.

It was also in my most utter boredom that I made these 2 avatars. Taken from a skit from a Ya Ya Yah episode. Doesn’t Massu look cute? HAHAHA… Massu is supposed to be Shoon’s wife in the skit.


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