serving a star

Ok, I know it’s no big deal but I served Olinda today. Yea yea…if it were Massu or something, maybe I might just faint. Haha…and sales will increase by 50% coz there’ll be like a million fangirls following. Hey, but she was nice.

I admit I’m still quite blur about certain things. Like if you change this, do you still give set discount? And what about this? What about that? So the first thing she asked me was that we had something with curry. Croquette burger didn’t occur to me coz my brain was trying to think “Curry? What curry? Japanese curry?” I’m so sorry manz…everything is so Japanese to me. Mr D keeps joking that I should go marry a Japanese guy.

And then she spots croquette burger on the menu! She goes “Ah, there! This one!”. Me? Just feeling a tad embarassed that I should know the menu better. Finally my brain connects and I was thinking “Oh ya, croquette has original and curry flavour.” -_-||| Slow lahz…

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