in an instant

Feeling a little hungry? The kind people from Myojo have come up with a wonderful idea…

No no no…it’s not the usual prawn/seafood flavoured noodles. It’s supposed to taste like the actual prawn noodles that you can get at the hawker centre.

I was a little puzzled when Sis said she wanted to get that? I mean, what’s so different from the regular blue-coloured-sides packet? Aha! So I cooked a packet of it this afternoon to find out for myself. Cut open the packet. Pour out contents. Now, is this supposed to be noodles in soup or the dry kind coz there’s a packet of black sauce. Don’t be fooled. It’s supposed to be the soup kind.

Ok…taste…hmmm…the noodles are a little thicker and more bounce-y/spring-y. Good. Chilli oil, a bit too much, too overwhelming. Or maybe coz I don’t take spicy stuff so it’s a little too much for me. Overall taste…quite ok.

So what next? Fishball noodles in instant noodles form?

Pwen, do you miss Singapore now? Hehehe…

Per can’t wait for me to blog about Maru on Gimon coz he’s so damn funny and so she can explain her MSN nick to Pwen. Haha…soon…soon…

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