pink is my favourite colour

Oh deary me…I forgot to blog about yesterday. Until I read Jo’s entry…

Met up with 7ners yesterday…not all, just Per, PK and Jo. Actually Per and I met up a little earlier as she had stuff to buy. Talked to Hiromi for quite some time in Mise. Per was a little frustrated over not being able to buy the Kanjani8 poster and tour pamphlet. Yea…if only I could get my hands on the NewS tour pamphlets…

We also had a little Uchi (and perhaps Yasu) birthday cake in Coffee Bean. Ok, we shared a mud pie which was a little too dry. Bleargh. The texture was like gingerbread?

Then the time came to meet PK and Jo. We had dinner at Cine at this little restaurant called Galilee. Ermz…I’ve been there before. Price wise, it’s quite ok. But the food quality is just so-so and at times CMI (can’t make it). I had beef ball spaghetti. And the beef balls were…dry. How come everything I ate was dry?!

After dinner, passing of presents. Per and I got the 7ners bags and biscuits from Japan. But our plan was to do it lucky draw style. Each bag was of a different pattern. There was one particular bag that we knew PK would want very much. Simply coz it was pink and she LOVES pink. You should have seen the expression on her face when she picked her present (which wasn’t the pink one) and then we told her about the pink bag. Haha…and we wouldn’t let her have a peek at it.

Met Sof at the hotel next door coz she was there for Up’s DND (Dinner and Dance). HAHAHA…she got the bag PK wanted!

Hmmm…actually the pink bag’s really nice and sweet. I believe Per’s right to say that most people would want it. I would have wanted it too but I already have one and the pink colour doesn’t match the colour of my yukata. Well, both are pink but the bag’s a light pink and my yukata is darker pink.

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