i love you so much TO YOU

OMG…I can just die of laughter here. What kind of English is THAT?!

I watched this certain episode of Gimon yesterday. Wanted to post an entry but ran into some problems with my databases and whatever so couldn’t. The episode is about 3 women who earn a million yen. One of them is a manga artist. So the Kanjani8 members had to try saying a kaikan phrase (a phrase that makes the girl’s heart beat faster) each. The setting was “onsen“. Guess what Maru said…omg…this has got to the most aho line ever.

Which translates to “your cheeks look like boiled tako (octopus)…I love you so much…TO YOU”. And he said it in this all serious, booming voice. Even his expression was so damn funny. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA… What kinda kaikan phrase is THAT? I think it won’t make the girl go doki doki but more like she’ll DIE OF LAUGHTER. Everyone was just laughing so hard after he said it.

OMG…I can so die of laughter here…

Just as I was crossing the road to Parkway today, I suddenly remembered this. So wanted to laugh out loud there and then.

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