massu’s first love

Someday I’m going to kill everyone with my numerous posts on Massu or Maru. But the thing is…I DON’T CARE! Hahaha…

Yea yea…so we all know that Massu LOVES to eat. Food MUST be his first love. Imagine how happy I was when I got a CM (commercial) of YamaP advertising for Pringles. No, you didn’t read wrong. It WAS a CM of P’s.

So we see P…P again…more of P…sigh…sigh… Scene changes. P’s downing the chips now. Some other guy’s downing the chips. Another guy downing the chips. WAIT A MINUTE! Wasn’t that Massu?

*getting excited while staring at the monitor* Another scene that shows P and Massu with chips in their mouths. THAT IS MASSU!!! Lalala~~~ *dances the aho dance*

Who cares about P when there’s Massu~~~ Not that I hate P already. Nad still remembers my adoration for P back in Secondary school. But as the years go by, I feel that P is one Johnny’s boy that is too overrated. Then Massu comes into the picture. Time to move over, P… Nyahahahahaha…

Oh yea, and in my anxiousness to get that entry of Maru on Gimon in, I forgot to talk about Maru and his aho-ness on Music Station. Twice, Kanjani8 have been on Music Station for Sukiyanen, Osaka. TWICE, it happened to Maru. This is so hilarious.

So they add in talking parts in the song. First round was supposed to do a self-introduction. Everyone says a bit. Comes to Subaru and he talks some nonsense. Maru tries to remind him that it is supposed to be SELF-INTRODUCTION. Ryo cuts in and says something. Again Maru tries to remind him that it is supposed to be self-introduction. Just when Maru decides to say something about himself, Yoko announces “jikan gire” (which means that there’s not enough time) and Maru doesn’t get a chance. Should have seen that disappointed look on Maru’s face. So damn funny. Couldn’t screenshot that look coz one screenshot is not funny enough, have to watch that part to see how aho Maru was.

Second time round, they are supposed to introduce Kansai area. Again everyone talks. Come to Maru, Hina just announces “jikan gire” and Maru has the disappointed look again. HAHAHAHAHA…

I have more to talk about…like that weird dream of NewS I had last night. But I think I might save that for later…or maybe not at all.

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