i think i killed you guys

*sigh* I think I really killed you guys with the amount of posts on Massu and Maru. Look! No comments each time I post something on them. Can’t you guys just share my joy?!

I’m so sad now. I’m going to jump off the cliff. *drama*

Oh wait. Cannot. Still haven’t posted on my dream. Shall once again intoxicate you guys with my endless talk on Massu~~~ HAHAHA…*evil grinz*

3 thoughts on “i think i killed you guys

  1. haha sorry lar.. jap stuff is simply not my thing :p

    hope everything’s goin well in ur life now..
    I juz saw ur priv blog and saw u askin for me..
    sorry leh, I din go and check..
    just call or sms me when u need someone to talk to k?

    take care, best friend. miss ya. c:

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