download freak

OMG…why is the forum still down… *bangs head*

I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms of not being able to get in and download something.

Recently I noticed that clubbox is also rather slow at night. Afternoon’s the best but most of the time I’m at work during the afternoon. So…yea…*sigh* Still got a whole load of D no Arashi waiting.

I’m dying to go shopping as well. *sigh* But I need to save money so I can pay up for this place in November and still have a bit of savings. Per asked whether I’ll be able to save up enough to go to Japan so we can go watch some concert there. Hiromi also asked when we’ll be going to Japan again then maybe we can go to some concert. *sigh* You think I don’t want to? I have no money that’s all.

Actually I could go get a permanent job so as to secure at least a thousand per month. But WHAT JOB? Everyone seems to want me to go try some designing job since I have a teeny weeny interest in it and afterall I did graduate with a diploma. But I don’t think I’m up to it. Just look at all the stuff I’ve done…not impressive. All so…NORMAL.

Anyway, I am thinking of sitting for the SAT test early next year. Checked the site already. There’s one in January. I think I’ve talked too much already and there’s still no action so time to get my lazy ass to it.

4 thoughts on “download freak

  1. hey.. think u gotta go RELC soon to reg for SAT next jan..closin date mite be soon?

    btw, do u need the book? I have one that’s quite new (I din use much).. was actually thinkin of sellin it to those second-hand bkstores at bras basah if u dun wanna borrow it..

  2. Nahz…I just checked. The January one, the deadline for registration is in December. But I should be going to apply soon. One of these days on my off-day.

    Is it following the new format? Coz my sis has the books but from yonks ago so the format changed le.

  3. Hmmm…they changed the format last year? Or is it the year before? Maybe when I go register for the test then I ask the people there? In the meantime, can you just hang on to the book please? Thanks.

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