i want to die

Don’t be alarmed by the title. I am not about to jump off a building or get myself knocked down or something. It’s just something from my dream.

I dreamt that Sis got scolded by Dad over something and I felt it was unreasonable of him so I helped her by saying something back. In the end, I got scolded as well. And it was really really bad coz I was crying really very hard and suddenly started yelling repeatedly “I want to die”. I swear if I didn’t make myself wake up from the dream then, the next moment I’ll actually wake up and find myself in tears. Which is usually the case when in the dream I’m crying, I really am crying in real.

I don’t know what could have been so bad and gone wrong that I would say that kinda stuff. I think probably I felt useless that I couldn’t help Sis in any way and Dad was just being too unreasonable. Whatever it was, it was really scary.

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