i am not 12

Just read Nad’s blog and the part about her being mistaken as a 12-year-old. I had my fair share of that at work today.

This lady customer asked me how old was I. I told her I’m 20. She thought I was 12 and how come someone so young could work already. 12?! 12?! *blink blink* And when I told her I’m 20, she like didn’t really believe. Why would I lie? It’s not like I’m going to get money for lying or something.

12…is that some sort of consolation for me? To tell myself that I look young?

Hmmm…another thing that irritates me a little is that everyone at work pronounces my name wrongly. I know I shouldn’t pick on such little things but I think I have been rather sensitive about the pronunciation and spelling of my name since young. The next person at work (excluding Sis) who pronounces my name correctly is going to get a megawatt smile from me and a mention here. Think about it!

Or else they can all follow what the aunties call me, which is kinda playing safe…小妹。Of course, only those older than me are entitled to call me that. I can’t stand it if someone younger calls me that.

2 thoughts on “i am not 12

  1. Haha…maybe you come more often when I’m working and call me that then perhaps you can test their reactions.

    Omg…thinking about it is damn fun. *evil grinz*

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