naming the character

*sigh* I wanted to create a new character for Maple Story under Bootes channel. Desmond said there’s less people in that channel and besides, I wanted to create another character for fun. I already have one under Aquila channel. Name’s “Miuna”. Wanted the new character to be named “Yurina”, which is the name of my favourite Berryz Koubou member, Yurina Kumai. Actually Miuna is the name of one of the Country Musume girls. Not that she’s my favourite but just thought the name is unique and nice.

So anyway, the name “Yurina” has been taken up. Until I think of another name, I don’t think I’ll be creating a new character. And the fact that I suck at naming things, it’ll be a long long while.

On MC today. The sore throat got worse yesterday. I woke up with no voice, headache and a clogged up throat. Not to mention that I felt warm. Checked my temperature…no fever. Well, it’s like this. If I don’t get a fever, I get a headache instead. I absolutely HATE losing my voice. That means I can’t sing along to songs when I’m on the computer. Luckily my voice came back somewhere in the afternoon. Went to see the doctor at night.

I’ll be going to work tomorrow…or rather in about 16 hours time. Mum asked whether I wanted to take another day off. Apart from the occasional cough, blocked nose and clogged up throat, I’m quite fine. My voice still sounds weird but not coz I lost it but rather it’s clogged with phlegm. Of course, taking another day off is a tempting offer but I don’t think the people at work would appreciate it and Sis is already making a lot of fuss that I don’t look like I’m sick coz I’ve been at the computer the whole time and not sleeping the whole day off like she did when she was sick. Alright alright, I’ll go to work (and spread my germs).

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