the hair issues

This is too much. My dear God up there must be poking fun at me. Here I am, staring at the mirror, wondering why some days my hair is straighter and some days it’s crap. And then now, Melissa is talking to me on MSN about how she wants to rebond her hair and stuff.

This is one of the days where my hair dries into crap. Apart from the fact that it is less frizzy now (very little) but it is still naturally wavy. So now part of the hair is wavy and part of it is straight…weird combination I know. I swear my hair HAS a life of its own. I’m dead sure…

The only person I know who has an extensive network of friends is Nad. Now it seems Raynor is another one. Ok…’fess up. Who else knows Raynor? This is going to be fun…*trails off*

The coughing has left my throat a little sore. *sigh*

*sigh* Ling told me some bad news. Her mum threw out the NANA poster I gave her. Girl ah, don’t cry too much. I know it’s heartbreaking news but it’s already been done. *thinks* If my mum threw out my Massu uchiwas and posters, I think I’ll scream blardee murder. Alright Ling, *pat pat* I can understand how you’re feeling.

I’m sighing too much these days.

3 thoughts on “the hair issues

  1. oh so i’m not the only one. laughs. y not go for rebonding to clear the frizz n crap n viola! One thing abt rebonding is havin to rebond every year really put me off but then again maybe not. *stilll in a state of hesitating* laughs. ahh..drink pi pa kao, that blackblack liquid every night. Battle it off n get well soon!

  2. I do rebond my hair…but only once a year. So the beginning, everything’s fine and dandy. Then the new hair grows out and it’s back to “I hate my hair”.

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