Got the news from a livejournal that Massu will be the producer for 13 November’s episode of Shounen Club. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ And the theme is “smile”. The theme so suits him. Haha…*prances round the room* Now I’m high…

Ryo will be producer for 20 November’s. More news here.

And then I downloaded clips from Kanjani8’s Excite! concert. The bonus parts, focus on Ryo, Uchi and Yoko. I already have Yasu’s and Hina’s from some time ago.

Yoko…”SHIRAYUKI!!!” He is so freakin’ fair. Snow white…hahahahahaha…

While watching Uchi’s, I noticed Ohkura behind. Omg…so damn kakkoii. I wanna watch his focus clip in the dvd~~~

Omg…so 帅 can… Another one…

I think after watching this, you’ll see Kanjani8 in a whole new light. Coz they all look good. Even Yasu. Manz…even he looks good.

Heh…I’m starting to appreciate Yasu a lot more. I think he looks better with this straight hair though. He’s such a crybaby though. *lol* The episode of Honjani that Per sent me…haven’t watched it but I know he cried coz Subaru took his strawberry. Hahaha…so silly. And to think he was on both (Per and I) our hate lists back in Secondary school. Haha…now it’s Nakajima Yuto from J.J.Express.

Per is going to UK in November. I’m going to miss her terribly (even if it’s only for one month). Who am I going to exclaim to when I get high over Massu?

One thought on “excite!

  1. そうです! 大倉くんのプライベートムーヴィーはめっちゃかっこいい! EXCITE DVDは必見です! 関ジャニ8のコンサート凄い楽しそうなぁ~と思ってて。。

    オイ! 今やっすくんが好きですよ!
    “すばる君がイチゴ取った! (æ³£)” (ToT)
    すばるひどい!! *whacks*

    来月、英国のLoughborough Universityで勉強するに行くのだけど。 どんなプレゼントがほしい?

    elisia says: Ohkuraaaaaaaaa…must find some time to go over to watch the concert. *sobz*

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