april snow

First of all, remember I said the first person in my workplace who could pronounce my name correctly will get a mention here? Alright everybody, applause for Yew Seng. Good enough huh…

Watched that korean movie starring Bae Yong Jun and Son Ye-Jin, titled “April Snow“. Watched it with Mum and Sis. I was sort of prepared to expect a long and draggy movie but this was much worse. It was really VERY long and draggy. The whole “when are they going to have their affair?” Then just when you thought that they would slowly come to realise that they are in love with each other, the next scene they are doing it in the hotel room. -_-||| And even that took such a long time. Like what the hell, you wanna have sex then hurry up and do it then we can have the next scene to see what happens.

The ending was rather abrupt too. Or maybe I didn’t catch the meaning? *puzzled*

Yay~~~I managed to download the first subbed episode for 1 Rittoru no Namida (1 Litre of Tears). I haven’t actually watched it…just forwarded here and there but caught the first few minutes. Already felt like crying. Especially the sentence written in her diary “お母さん, わたし結婚できる?” which means “Mother, will I be able to get married?” I think I might actually cry while watching it. It’s just so sad…

The story is about a girl named Aya. She has an incurable brain disease which slowly affects her control over her speech and body movements. In the early stages, she falls down quite often and quite suddenly. Later on, it affects her speech and writing. Her writing becomes unsteady like a small child’s, very scribbly/wobbly looking. She finally dies at the age of 25. In the beginning, she does not realise that she has this disease until her mother urges her to go for a checkup after a bad fall where she scrapes her chin but her arms are clean with no bruises or scratches. Her mother noticed that she falls quite often or drops things.

2 thoughts on “april snow

  1. hmm. I’m surprised you watch this movie with your mom and da jie.

    so, how was the ending like? =/

    elisia says: Haha…coz my mum likes Yon-sama. And I was sort of interested in it coz there’s Son Ye-Jin. Pretty girl~~~

    The ending? I was like scratch head… So his wife woke up from the coma and she got better. Her husband died. So now Mr Bae has to choose. Either his wife or her. The ending was he and her driving in the car, can’t see them…just the windscreen of the car. And the question…”Where do you want to go?” Then “THE END”. What???

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