temporary tattoo

This is worse than playing “heart attack” with the guys. Worse than getting your hand slapped by 大哥. I think I sort of deserve it since I didn’t really believe it was that bad when Sis told me about her accident and getting the same injury. *slaps myself*

Can you see? Can you see?

My temporary “tattoo”

And now you know I have really lousy coordination skills. I was pouring corn soup into the cup for the customer. Sis came over so I wanted to ask her if she had sent out the cup of corn soup she owed her customer. Thus, I wasn’t really paying attention to the pouring and I poured about a quarter of a scoop of corn soup over my hand. HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Sis told me to drop everything and go rinse my hand under water but I didn’t listen coz I wanted to serve the customer first. Just bear with the pain for awhile.

Asked Yew Seng to get me a little ice, he got me a half-filled tub of ice and filled it with water. Told me to soak my hand in it. *sigh* Wasting all the ice on my hand.

Anyway, it was only a moment’s relief. The part that got burnt still stings a lot…got this biting feeling.


3 thoughts on “temporary tattoo

  1. wah..it looks really bad.
    hmm..put the ice pack (if u have one) over it whenever u are free..haha..maybe it will relieve the biting feeling?

  2. gosh… dat sucks..
    i hate the stinging feel… bugs u to no end.
    take care…guess gotta bear with it..
    hope it heals real fast! 🙂

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