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[edited on Nov 8 at 7.44pm]
I uploaded the photo of the cake we had for Ryo’s birthday. Two slices from Secret Recipe. And boy were they stingy in supplying us with 2 large and one small candle. So, no candles…


Yesterday, Sof invited us to her house for lunch. All the way to Woodlands. The food was good…heh…non-spicy. ^_^

Per and I went down to Orchard after that. We went to meet Cindi. Had a little Ryo birthday cake to ourselves. Too lazy to upload the photo of the cake…maybe in the next post.

A little update on my burnt hand and in response to the comments left by some friends. The patch as I have expected has gone a darker red now. It doesn’t hurt anymore unless you press on certain areas. The only irritating thing now is that a blister has formed. This little bubble of liquid is quite revolting. Looks so disgusting yet so tempted to burst it. But I know if I burst it, I’m going to regret it. So now, all I can do is stare at it from time to time and sort of touch, press, prod at it.

Crew meeting again at 8am tomorrow. Damnit. 8am is like some unearthly hour for late-sleepers like me. In fact, anytime before 12 noon is considered unearthly. And I’m still scheduled to work at 10am-4pm. Zombie alert.

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