momentary loss

I knew it was going since last night. Although the sore throat was gone, phlegm had sort of built up. My throat felt uncomfortable and as I talked, I could feel the strain. The feeling that my voice was going.

This morning, the voice sort of went. Suddenly I was talking in this very raspy tone. Tired, body aching a little, I knew I needed more rest. So called up and said I wasn’t coming in to work. I made the right choice coz now I’m feeling much better after resting the whole day. My voice decided to come back.


Met Per yesterday to pass her some stuff. Then today, something bad happened. *sigh* Whatever’s done is done so I guess just settle the problem and hope for the best.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have the ability to eavesdrop that well. Not that I want to do it on purpose but sometimes it just happens. I have also said before that I don’t like to be suspicious of people but sometimes people leave me with no choice. I happened to catch a statement that I think was referring to me. To make things worse, it came from someone whom I dislike. I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect me.

I am trying. I really am. I know I have lousy coordination skills thus I am doing my job at the pace I am comfortable with. I make mistakes but I have learnt to reproach myself less, instead, keep calm and be more confident so that I do a better job. I seem to be ok with things most of the time but I have a fragile side as well. I believe everyone has their fragile moments.

You know how it’s like to be having that good feeling and then a sudden statement just strikes you down. Luckily it happened towards the end of the day and besides that person, nobody else said anything more to fuel it.

My hand is getting better…I guess…

One thought on “momentary loss

  1. don’t bother abt what that person said abt you..I know it’s quite diff to just forget it..afterall, we r usually bothered abt the views of others. But, don’t let it spoil your day! no one is perfect (shld tell that person dat if she/he don’t alrdy know).

    take care!

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