super aunties

Trying to decide who or what to feature on my next layout header. Thinking either Ayu or Yurina. Hmmm…

Argh. Sis went to tell James that I can do rice burgers so he put me at that station today. It’s like a big mistake. Firstly, the kitchen is terribly hot and I hate having my back all wet. Perspiration can roll down my face, neck, whatever…but I HATE HAVING MY BACK ALL WET! Secondly, as I have said, I can’t coordinate well. When there’s like tons of orders, I fumble quite a bit. Then I don’t know what to do and then everything just goes wrong. Thirdly, I lack confidence. I think people are just going to die of hunger while waiting for me to prepare their burgers.

But seriously, the aunties have a lot of patience and faith in me. Which makes me feel a little uneasy coz I’m afraid if something goes wrong, it’s like I’m going to let them down.

Oh yea…sorry to that person who ate the plain dog I prepared. Must have looked pretty gross. Couldn’t master the art of squeezing 6 zig-zags of tomato ketchup without breaking the line. I bet, I BET if I could do it, I would be taking my own sweet time and you would have died of hunger.

This proves that the aunties are super. *salute*

The teriyaki grill broke-down. Must be a sign…that I don’t belong in the kitchen. Put me back as cashier!!! No, I didn’t spoil it ok…although I dislike the management, I’m not so evil to go spoil their equipment. Bleargh.

*gasps* I have only got 6 hours of sleep left…better get going.

One thought on “super aunties

  1. I will go support you on Monday if you are there! I want try the rice burger you make 🙂

    elisia says: I’m not working tomorrow (Monday), going for food hygiene course which is a must for everyone working in the F&B line. What rice burger will you order? Not ebi bahz…coz I think that’s the most “ma fan” one to make, the one with the most ingredients. Also the longest in terms of waiting time.

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