food hygiene

Woke up freakin’ early to attend the food hygiene course. Thought it would only take about 2-3 hours as Sis had said. Ended up sitting through like 6-7 hours of lecture and then doing the 1 hour, 20 MCQ questions paper. I only took like 10 minutes to finish the paper. Mostly all common sense…heh, coz you just have to pick the politically correct answer. I bet if we didn’t sit through the lecture and just went for the paper, we would have passed anyway.

This is like back in primary school where you took Health Education. Or like sitting for the exam for 好公民 in primary school and Civics & Moral Education in secondary school. Just picking the politically correct answers. Haha…it’s like impossible to fail. I remember everyone saying if you failed CME, you have no morals.

Getting quite impatient with Clubbox coz there’s like a ton of things to be downloaded but it’s so freakin’ slow. And I’m not at home during the prime time for download which is in the afternoon. But as long as I get my episodes for 1 Rittoru no Namida and Nobuta Produce, it ain’t that bad.

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