Just as I was looking forward to spending the whole day (Friday) relaxing, going shopping…my hopes were dashed. No off for me, have to work. Happiness is somehow always shortlived. Honestly, it made me really upset this afternoon. Sent a message to dear Per (who is in UK). I’m ok now, so don’t worry too much for me.

Aunty Hui Chuen is so cute. She gave me a hug today. Not sure whether it was to cheer me up coz she did ask me whether there was something bothering me. Although at that moment, I think I was quiet coz I was trying to focus on my job.

Yea…quite dislike the kitchen. My hands always end up so painful. Knuckles painful from the heat of the teriyaki grill. Left palm from the heat from the rice burger. Can someone invent heat-proof gloves? The last I want to get is another burn. I’m not skilled yet. Can tell from the wrapping…some ok, some not ok. Well, if you want it done fast, then it’s not going to be a super good job. If you don’t like it, then don’t ask me to do it. Hey, it takes time to perfect a skill.

Why? I really don’t understand why people think I’m that good. I only find myself average in everything I do. I’m not trying to be modest, I really think that way. If I’m that smart, I wouldn’t be living day to day now not knowing what I want to further study. Not knowing what I want in life. So it puzzles me why aunties Hui Chuen and Kim Tee think I’m hardworking. I think I’m only doing my job well (in/to my terms). It may not be so to the upper management.

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