i can’t stand it feeling

Sourcing for good quality screenshots, that’s what I’ve been doing ever since after dinner. I’ve sort of decided what to do for my layout banners.

Can never find the time to do up my photo album and portfolio. Or rather I spend all the time downloading loads of stuff. Bleargh. Actually the script has been installed but the codes are just sitting there waiting to be edited. *shakes head*

Really feel like cutting my hair, re-rebonding it and dying it. But it’s kinda pointless to rebond it now since I have to tie it up for work.

Ever since I’ve spent more time with Per, her habit of spotting grammar/spelling mistakes has been passed on to me. I’m not saying that my English is perfect. God knows I might have made tons of mistakes in this entry but as long as they aren’t glaring mistakes, it’s quite fine. Right?

Anyway, it makes me have this “I can’t stand it” feeling to stare at the menu board at my workplace everyday and spot a mistake. The sticker pasted across the picture of the Unagi rice burger reads “temporary not available”. Ahhhhhhhhh…*stamps feet* It should be “temporarily not available” or “temporarily unavailable”. Also, the sticker pasted above the picture of the bear reads “this week offer”. It should be “this week‘s offer”.

This happened sometime ago. James asked me how to spell “unnecessary”. Now, I kinda hate words like that coz I get mixed-up on whether there are double “Cs” or not. You know that kinda thing. Took some time trying to figure it out then he figured it out first. Laughed at me for not knowing how to spell that word. Fine. The next moment I picked up the schedule to check out the time I’m working for the next day. I saw this sentence that made me have the “I can’t stand it” feeling. The sentence: “Do not extend hours of crew unnecessary.” Unnecessarily!!! Now tell me, who’s having the last laugh? >_< This is quite mild compared to what I saw on a poster in Poh Kim. "New realeafe"...which by the way is supposed to mean "new release". *pengz* Luckily the poster didn't stay too long up on the wall...

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