practise what you preach continuation

Continuing where I stopped…

Went down to town with Sis after work yesterday. Met Sis’s friend, Ja-son at Kino. Omg…this guy is damn funny. He has some really weird theories. Like how everything will be legal one day. So he’s going to be thrown in prison for something but he won’t sit in there for long coz whatever he’s done is going to be legal and then he can go sue everyone for putting him in prison in the first place. -_-|||

And he pointed out something which I haven’t thought of. Heard of gangsters collecting what they call “protection fees”? Tax is the government’s way of collecting the “protection fee”. So you pay up, they don’t put you in jail and who protects you? The army. Wonderful.

Had to go for training at 8am this morning. In the manager’s words, “so you all can stop complaining that you haven’t got proper training”. Depriving me of my sleep AGAIN. The minute the training was over, went home to get some more sleep. Didn’t wake up till 3pm. No interruptions as well. *jumps for joy* Ah…the sleep was well-deserved.

Was supposed to meet Xianglin but my dear best friend has got dengue fever. Hope you get well soon! Damn those mozzies!

Went down to town with Sis to meet a few friends. Per was in town too so she joined us.

Ahhhhhh…the owner of the clubbox with the subbed dramas has decided to close down her box. Where am I going to get the last episode of 1 Rittoru no Namida? *panics*

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