practise what you preach

Let me think hard on what I want to blog about…

Ok, shall complain about work first. I have come to the conclusion that ALL calls from the workplace is NEVER good news. Thus, I have resorted to not answering calls especially those that call in while I’m sleeping. DO NOT interrupt my sleep else I’ll be EXTRA grouchy. Yesterday, my dear dad answered the house phone which was a call from one of the managers. And he HAD to wake me up to answer the damn call. Alleluia. I had to go down to Compass Point to get some stocks. I didn’t even know what time it was until I asked the caller and then glanced at my clock. OMG…ONE WHOLE HOUR before my clock is set to ring. HOW CAN YOU DEPRIVE ME OF ONE WHOLE HOUR OF SLEEP???!!!

Fine. Then came the question of where the hell was Compass Point and how am I going to get there. Checked out the directory. Oh…it’s in Sengkang. MRT is definitely out coz it will take a damn long time to reach. Bus is risky but not too bad though I’m afraid I don’t know where to stop. Called up the manager to ask if I could take a cab down. No. WTH!!! I know the company needs to save money but you don’t have to be so damn stingy on these things!!! You guys had better be grateful coz I had to call up Mum’s friend to ask her how to get there. Disturbing people early in the morning…tsk tsk…

Finally, I got things done and got back to the store to start work. Suddenly there’s this whole crowd of people coming to our store. Greeting is very important to the company. So the manager was greeting non-stop and the rest of us just followed. Boy, was I very thirsty with all the greetings and not having a drink of water since I returned from Compass Point. I swear the cashiers (Aunty Susie and I) were moving as fast as we could but the manager just had to go piss me off. There was this one moment where we didn’t have any greeting coz we were trying hard to move as fast as we could, couldn’t think, just move move move. And in a know-it-all tone, he went like “cashiers, where’s the greeting?” The moment I heard that damn statement, it pissed me off SO much that I practically yelled the greeting at the top of my voice, probably just to spite him. Look, it’s not like we’ve been silent for an hour ok. You don’t have to be so pissy about it.

I hate the fact that the managers tell us what to do when they don’t practise what they preach. Oh yea, what about smiling when you serve customers. If it’s so darn important, why don’t I see you guys smiling when you’re facing a crowd as well? You guys get irritated and you start getting pissy about every little thing. Where’s your smile then?

Then, Mr Plain-ice-tea (regular customer but don’t know his name) came. The manager served him but since this manager hasn’t been here too long, he doesn’t know this customer is a regular customer and his wants. This customer always wants a bag and serviettes. So the manager gives him his large cup of plain ice-tea. He asks for a bag. The manager, probably irritated by the crowd already, just shoves the bag across the counter to him. At that moment, I felt so sorry for Mr Plain-ice-tea. A regular customer does not need to be treated like that ok. And so much for telling us that customers are important and how we should treat them when you guys don’t even practise what you preach.

Next topic to complain on…I probably have complained about this before but I thought about it again so there goes. These few days, I’m made to go throw the rubbish quite a few times. Just coz this aunty refuses to do it. All she has to do is complain that she can’t stand the smell and that’s it, someone else has to do the dirty job. Like you find it smelly, the rest of us don’t? I could also say the same thing. I don’t even do this kinda thing at home. But I feel that it’s part and parcel of the job so you still have to do it. You could jolly well look for another job that doesn’t require you to do this if you don’t want to.

And like I said, some managers think that just coz they are of a higher post, they shouldn’t be doing this. WTH. You are still the company’s employee right? Anyway, for doing the dirty job, I feel that ALL crew who are willing to do it SHOULD get a salary raise. If not, why don’t you go do it YOURSELF?

I can tahan the smell. But WTF, each time I go to throw the rubbish, I have to conquer my fear of falling into the container as well. I can’t throw it from the ground level coz the bag is simply too heavy for me to lift up and throw over. So I have to wheel it right into the area. After renovating the area, the containers are now level with the ground of the dumping area. Which is kinda scary coz sometimes when the rubbish bag is too heavy, I’m afraid that I might trip and fall into the container as well.

Ok…Sis is out from the bathroom. Need to go bathe. Shall continue with my ranting after my bath.

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