being realistic

[edited on 18 Dec at 12.40am]
This drama is too sad yet so meaningful. You just can’t help but let the tears fall. After watching this, I’m sure you will look at your life differently. That when you face problems, no matter what, you will still have that light at the end of the tunnel to guide you. At least you will not need to feel your way through the dark.

A rainbow is pretty but does not last long. She is like a rainbow. Although she cannot live a normal life like everyone else, she brings hope to the people around her.

And suddenly, the download is moving so fast. Good coz then I can get to watch (and sob) over episode 10 of 1 Rittoru no Namida.

Christmas is coming…my favourite holiday. But somehow I just can’t get excited over it this year. Maybe coz I’m so freakin’ poor and lazy this year. Not writing any christmas cards. If anyone wants to give me any xmas gift, make sure it’s money (ahemtwentybucksandaboveahem). I’m not being greedy, I’m being realistic. HAHAHA…

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