but i am…

I’m home but I spent the last 5 hours playing games and getting some stuff in order. Now that I’m done with that stuff and am ready to read blogs and update my own, I’m too tired.

Anyway, to end off this rather short entry, my long long hair is going to be “chopped” off. After a year of keeping it to this length, getting rather annoyed with it. Decided that it’s time once again for a hair cut.

One thought on “but i am…

  1. hmm. why annoyed with it? =/

    elisia says: After some time, I keep seeing the long hair, 没有新鲜感了。 So keep telling myself, I have to get it cut off. Besides, it gets annoying when people keep commenting that it’s very long. DUH! I know it’s very long.

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