two oh oh six

2006. I don’t make new year resolutions coz I don’t believe in them. You’re bound to break them anyway. Well well well, spent the last of 2005 with my family and Per. Dinner was to celebrate Sis’s birthday. I think we spent our countdown in the taxi trying to get home for the countdown. Anyway, big deal.

Got a haircut and new hairstyle for the new year. Bye bye to the long hair. Shoulder-length and with highlights now. Didn’t rebond the hair this time. So with the highlights, gone a little more dry. *sigh* I’ll never be happy with my hair.

Our trip to Malaysia was a short one. Visiting friends and relatives. I got myself 2 skirts, a tee, a purse and 3 dvds. I would have splurged RM119 on this pair of black Mickey sneakers if they had my size but *sigh*…

January has begun. Which means…Gachibaka is starting soon! More Massu~~~ *grinz*

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