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Collected my stuff from Mise on Saturday. Made me damn happy~~~

This tour pamphlet costs a bomb but it’s worth it.

MASSU!!! *grinz*

But I still think the uchiwa from the Summary concert is the nicest. Coz his name is printed in kanji and not the usual romanji.

Back of Summary uchiwa

Then I got Aiba’s uchiwa for the 2005-2006 Countdown concert…

Had to order Massu’s uchiwa for the Countdown concert coz they didn’t have it on hand at the shop. Buying the tour pamphlet is worth it coz I don’t have to spend more money buying the poster. The picture of it is in the pamphlet. And anyway, buying the poster in Japan costs only 800 yen ($12) but ordering from Mise costs almost $40.

2 thoughts on “i love news

  1. Massu looks good in the A Happy New Year uchiwa! Argh I wish I could have gotten my Magical Summer pamphlet.. Treasure your pamphlet man…..! Was that like a New Year present to yourself? Hahahahaha

    elisia says: No, it wasn’t a New Year present. Guess it’s like my only consolation for not going to the concert. Haha…

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