it stopped

Yay! It has finally stopped raining and I can actually see the clear blue sky. After like 3-4 days of non-stop rain, even if it stopped for awhile, the sky was always grey. So dreary. You’ll be looking up and wondering “Oh gawd, when is it going to stop?”

And each time I was walking downstairs, I had to look out for earthworms so as not to squash any. Each time it rains like that, their homes get flooded so they’ll have to come out. It’s disgusting. One day, although I told myself to look out for them on the ground I’m treading on, I decided to get a little more curious and looked for them in the grass. I saw one and got so disgusted. See no evil manz…

Everyone keeps asking me whether I permed my hair. NO, I DIDN’T!!! It’s naturally (and horribly) curly/wavy. It’s just that I didn’t go rebond it this time.

Per wanted us to go to Japan so we could take part in the adult ceremony or at least watch one since it’s our year. Anyway, P and Kame totally stole all the limelight at the ceremony. Expected. There’s quite a few 1985 JE guys…P, Koki, Junnosuke, Tacchon and Jun Hasegawa. Kame, although he’s born in 1986 but his birthday is before March so he takes part in this year’s ceremony. The whole clip only focussed on the NewS boy and the KAT-TUN boys, leaving poor Tacchon out! It’s like history repeating itself. When Takki had his ceremony, he and Tsubasa stole the limelight, leaving poor Sho out.

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