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Haven’t had much to write about for the past 2 days except that we celebrated Dad’s birthday and watched the Jet Li movie, “Fearless“.

I’ve been tagged by Nadine.
# the tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
# need to mention the sex of the target.
# Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
# If tagged a 2nd time; no need to post

Target: Male

  1. non-smoker
  2. able to trust
  3. offer me hugs when I’m upset
  4. willing to dry my hair for me
  5. able to hold intellectual conversations
  6. thoughtful
  7. family oriented
  8. observant

Who I tag: Ling and anybody else who wants to do this.


And then let me explain my points.

Point 2:
I believe trust is a very important thing in relationships. I’m not going to have someone make me report my movements 24/7 just coz he thinks I’m going to run off with someone else. I still want to maintain my friendships. If you are going to suspect my love for you then why are we even together?

Point 3:
Hehe…he must not be stingy with his hugs. Must also offer me a shoulder to cry on.

Point 4:
This may seem a small matter to everyone but it means a lot to me.

Point 5:
I cannot stand people who talk rubbish or shoot off random words and then think they are so damn funny. When you do that, you’re telling me that you have no intelligence. I like people who are able to talk about different things, give opinions to certain issues, tell me what you think about something, share with me your ideas etc.

Point 6:
I don’t need him to shower me with expensive gifts. Simple things to show that he cares is fine.

Point 7:
He must respect his family and elders. He doesn’t have to go to the extent of being a mummy’s boy though.

Point 8:
He knows what I like or don’t like. Don’t need to know EVERYTHING but at least know the important things, that I don’t like cheese, butter, milk, cream etc. Surprise me by knowing little things like, I do not like ice-cream floats. Even some of my friends know that. (Right, Nad?)

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