Work today was ok. Tiring as always when I work in the kitchen. Met 3 friends. Per and Pwen came to say hello but couldn’t talk to them coz was busy. It’s crazy. Sometimes there’s totally nobody and then suddenly there’s a crowd. It just proves that my theory is correct. Sometimes a crowd just grows coz of each person’s kaypoh-ness. It’s like they don’t really want to eat our food but just coz they see a queue, they have to kaypoh and queue as well. Of course, finally they sort of tell themselves that they’re going to eat something and they actually buy something.

Saw Bianca as well.

I’m hooked on Maple again. Omg…in their latest game update, they have added the feature where players can actually get married. Is this hilarious of what… And they added those tikam machines. Wahahahaha…

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