Too hooked on Maple. So much so that I created a new character on Bootes server. I tried every Berryz Koubou girl’s name and only Maasa’s was available. Nahz. Didn’t like that name. Every other MM girl’s name was too common so it was unavailable. Finally I tried “Sonim” and it worked. She (the character) looks very much like Miuna except she’s got brown hair and she uses an axe unlike Miuna who initially used a sword. Anyway, I’m training her as a warrior as well. Except I won’t make the same mistake of letting her level up past level 10 on the newbie island.

The hairstyles available are pathetic. Only 3 hairstyles to choose from. Trust me, this is the best.

Playing as a beginner is a little frustrating though. Coz you can’t tackle more “dangerous” monsters with one swipe. Oh…that also brings me to the point that I like playing the game at odd hours so there are less people online. Can’t stand it when some high-level person comes along and takes a swipe at the monster I’m trying to tackle and successfully kills it. Hello, don’t think coz you’re a pro means you can be smug about it. Can you leave something for us low-level people to kill? Go attack the bigger monsters lahz.

Then, the real Sonim…

Maple aside. Valentine’s day was well…just like any other day. No gifts whatsoever. Still had to work. It is really like how Emily Strange puts it, “Love Me Not Day”. Haha…

Today, work made me rather pissed off towards the end of my shift. My work hours were extended till 7pm. *sigh* Always lack of staff. Gawd, some people can really test my patience. Oh and those new crew…manz, they really need a good talking to. 3 of them, all friends. One disappear, all disappear. Their last minute excuses are pathetic. I suspect they are lying when they say they have some school thing to see to that’s why they can’t work. If you wanna lie, make sure it’s fool-proof. They really should try harder. And they don’t have the courtesy to inform the manager even if it’s last minute. The manager has to “chase” after them when they don’t appear for work.

Look, take pride in your work ok. If you don’t want to work, nobody’s forcing you. You can quit if you want. Please don’t do this kinda thing, turn up one day, next few days go MIA. People have to cover up your sorry asses and it ain’t pretty.

お誕生日おめでとう草野! Though I wish it didn’t happen, the hands of time can’t be wound back. We await for your and Uchi’s return. We look forward to a better NewS when you guys resume your activities as a group. I guess for now you can concentrate on your studies since you have just been accepted into university.

2 thoughts on “sonim

  1. so boss is finally into maple! haha.. i kinda stopped maple because i found back my pokemon game!!! 😛

    anyway, i know what you mean about those colleagues not turning up for work. like there was this sat morning that i was working. another girl was supposed to turn up. and she didn’t! and there was a reservation for like, 8 people. so definitely need people to work. thank goodness the other boss (who usually comes in the evening) happened to be there! else we will be dead. not to mention i was sick and actually wanted my manager to get a replacement for me but there wasn’t any. so i had to work with a leaking nose and sleepy eyes -_-

    elisia says: Ya lahz…kinda hooked on that game now.

  2. yay! u got a character in bootes!! add me k. i will ask u when i see u online. u r considering buying stuff from the cash shop izit? till now i still dont get the cash shop thing n the exchange rate. but the stuff in there looks quite cool.

    elisia says: Don’t need to be online to add me. Just type in my character name. There’s some stuff you can’t get just from playing so the cash shop’s there. Like changing hairstyle need the hairdresser coupon which can be bought at the cash shop. Or buying outfits or pets etc.

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