NANA dvd is out in Japan. But lo’ and behold, there seems to be no English subtitles. WHY?! But the special edition looks soooooo nice. Think I’m still gonna get it.

I thought about it. Thanks to dear Ling, I’ve started liking NANA too. I still remember her trying to get me to read the manga. And well, now I’m reading it too. But I guess it’s coz of the movie as well and I am into Japanese artistes and stuff. For that, the girl deserves a nice NANA poster (also to replace the one her mummy threw out :cry:).

I did a search to confirm whether the dvd set really has no English subtitles and found out from a fansite that there will/might be an overseas version. But I know that the overseas version is not released by the same company so most likely it won’t contain the extra features.

I think I might get Pika☆nchi and Pika☆☆nchi Double as well. Even though the last time I was in Japan, I gave up buying it coz it doesn’t have English subtitles. But recently I saw some clip with scenes from the movie and it looked quite interesting. Who cares that I can’t understand what they are saying. I still watch talkshows which do not have subtitles. So what’s the difference?

THAT’S the point. It means I HAVE TO study Japanese. Isn’t that some sort of motivation?

I was telling Ling that one day I was bathing and suddenly saw that my bathroom shower brand is 707. Ok…that was so random.

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