thin is the new pretty

Recently, I got the shock of my life while watching MM perform their new song on Music Fighter. Risa was soooooo thin! Gaki さん, what happened to you? 🙁 Even 愛ちゃん is looking healthier than you. You must sleep well and eat more.

And while Gaki さん is terribly thin, P is getting fat. Well, apparently he’s trying to build up some muscles so his face naturally gets rounder? Hmmm…hope he’s not joining dear Massu at buffets. :rofl:

I finished watching “シンデレラになりたい” (Cinderella ni Naritai). Tacchon’s one-episode special drama. UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…かっこいい!!! :love:

Proof of Tacchon’s hotness…

It’s Ming Shun’s birthday! お誕生日おめでとう!!! *twirls around* Please try to control your temper from now on ne~~~ In Cas’s words, “you have a temper, I have one too. But it’s how we keep it in check.”

I ordered more NewS concert goods. Massu’s clear file and poster and NewS group poster. Eri said that everything of NewS would be taken down at the Johnny’s shop after May. *smacks forehead* Oh ya, I totally forgot that they’ll be going on hiatus from May onwards. Was still planning on what to buy there. I guess that’s good? Coz that means there’s less to buy in Japan. Anyway, I guess this will be my last chance to buy NewS goods until they return maybe next year. *sigh*

Did this for fun. Sis got it from someone’s blog. Was saying that I hope I don’t kena someone weird…like Gackt or Miyavi. Just look at what I got. *faints* Since it’s a randomnizer, we tried again. Gackt. Tried again. Still Gackt. Why couldn’t I have gotten Tetsu (L’Arc~en~Ciel) or Jiro (Glay)? WHY?!

Your life with your Jrock Husband by keichan
You will marry Gackt
On January 12, 2008
In Hong Kong
Your combined income would be: $63,093,321
you will last for (in years) 18
No. of Children you will have 1
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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