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Upon request, I’ll add this in. At the last minute, we were furiously scanning through the Japanese song list. Then we decided to just overstay and maybe pay for an extra hour. At around 2.45pm, the guy knocked on our door and told us that we’ve stayed too long. He said that they actually extended us till 2.30pm but that’s it. We said we might as well extend till 3pm which was only about 15 minutes away and actually pay for that extra hour but he said if we did that, we had to pay for tidbits and another drink. Not a very reasonable deal. So we just said we’ll finish up the last 2 songs or so then leave.

And our last song was SMAP’s “ダイナマイト” which we became so loud and high. Talk about making a grand exit. Haha…

Random thought:
Massu lives on happy pills and breathes happy air. That’s why he’s forever so 元気. He should share his happy pills with me so I can be forever 元気 as well.


Went ktv-ing with Per at KBox. Went for the KLunch promotion. Overstayed by one hour. Haha…it was damn fun. Only thing was the selection of songs were not that great. We couldn’t search for Japanese songs by artiste. And we ended up selecting Saya’s “想念你的歌” but singing it in Japanese…Yuna Ito’s “Endless Story”.

We really should do it again. 🙂

Got this from Shaz’s blog…

  1. A song by a Beatle:
    The Beatles – Yellow Submarine
  2. A song featuring piano as the main instrument:
    倉木麻衣 – I Sing A Song For You
    Kuraki Mai – I Sing A Song For You
  3. A song with a woman’s name in the title:
    F.I.R – Lydia
  4. A song with a man’s name in the title:
    周杰倫 – 霍元甲
    Jay Chou – Huo Yuan Jia
  5. A song about money:
    ABBA – Money Money Money
  6. A song with weather in the title:
    関ジャニ∞ – 大阪レイニーブルース
    Kanjani8 – Osaka Rainy Blues
  7. A song with parentheses in the title (these are parentheses):
    関ジャニ∞ – 桜援歌 (Oh! Enka)
    Kanjani8 – Sakura Tasuku Uta (Oh! Enka)
  8. A song made by a punk band:
    Green Day – American Idiot
  9. A song with the word “song” in the title:
    NewS – Love Song
  10. A song you love so much you stop and listen whenever you hear it/ put it on repeat mode and never get sick of it:
    NewS – チェリッシュ
    NewS – Cherish

One thought on “sing a song

  1. You totally left out mention of our DYNAMITE SONGGG *laughs madly*

    Yeah we have to go sing all the songs we wanted to sing but never got to!!

    elisia says: Added that part in now.

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