so you want to be a star?

Dreaming of being a star? Better think again. It ain’t that glamourous afterall. It’s a cruel world out there. It’s not enough even if you have good vocals. You need to be able to dance, act, host etc… 3-4 days, that’s all the time you’re given to learn a new dance. Slow learners, you can forget about eating or sleeping until you nail it.

Was watching this clip on Berryz工房’s journey from the day the unit was formed. Mind you, these girls started out when they were only 9-11 years old.

I really wonder how they juggled school and work. Work seems to be neverending. Recording. Learn the dance. Activities to promote the single/album. Back to the studio to record new song. A neverending cycle.

First incident. Dance lesson for first single, “あなたなしでは生きてゆけない”. The girls are formed into 2 groups to practise some dance steps. Momoko, Miyabi, Maiha and Chinami in one group. Saki, Yurina and Risako in another. Maasa wasn’t present for this lesson. After the first group danced, Maiha got reprimanded by the dance teacher that she needed to practise more. While the next group danced for the teacher, the first group should be practising at the back of the room. But somehow, Maiha was sitting alone in a corner…

Then comes the insecurity. The feeling that you’re so far behind the rest…the fear that you can’t make it.

So what if you’re in pain, life still has to go on. You can’t just give up as you like.

So you think you can handle it? This post is a reminder for all those who dream of becoming a star. It isn’t just what you see on tv. All the glitz and glamour. Instructors don’t care whether you can or cannot coz even if you cannot, you better make that cannot into a can.

Sometimes I wonder whether Maiha left the group coz she found it hard to juggle both work and studies. Especially since it seems that she is the slow learner for dance in the group. The company just released the statement that she graduated from the group to focus on her studies. I’m just speculating. What I’m thinking may not be true.

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