pretty isn’t it?

I saw a photo of it in an Astronomy magazine in Times bookshop. Then recently, I watched Eight Below and it sort of got featured in the movie as well.

credit: jupiterimages

To be able to see this is like a once in a lifetime kinda thing. Pity, Singapore is right smack at the equator. Thank God we don’t have natural disasters coz of it but that also means we lose out on stuff like this. And I know I’ve been saying this over and over again but “why the hell didn’t TP make Astronomy a CDS subject?” I remember getting excited over it when I filled in this survey form when I enrolled as a student.

And in case you want to know more about Northern Lights, here’s a good website.

Anyway, I also learnt that not all seals look friendly and cuddly. A leopard seal looks horrendous when its mouth is opened wide. The one in the movie reminded me of Alien. 怖い…

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