big brother, little sister

I’m catching up with all the entries at Binan no Nikki. I seem to have missed out some entries as I tried to locate the entry where I last stopped at. So in the end, I decided to read from the beginning. Which isn’t really that much since they only started in March.

I just read Ryoちゃん’s longer-than-usual entry on his little sister’s wedding. I must say that this is the best Jweb entry I’ve read so far. I know I shouldn’t be too surprised but…his sister is only 20! And anyway, his sister is pregnant too. *sigh* Couples these days never really think of the consequences. Luckily the guy is someone who’s responsible.

What he said to his brother-in-law over the phone: “Good Luck. If you make my sister cry, I’ll never forgive you. The entire Nishikido household will make you full of holes. Good Luck.” *pause* ちょ…ちょっと待ってください… :rofl: I can so picture Ryoちゃん saying that in his most serious voice. :rofl: But I bet his sister would have this 幸せ feeling if she heard her brother saying that. Ahhhhhhhhh…I want an older brother too! :rofl: I heard that older brothers are very protective of their younger sisters.

I believe that under his tough exterior, Ryoちゃん is actually quite an emotional person. He cried so much at his sister’s wedding!

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