interesting entries

Ahhhh…finished reading all the entries at Binan no Nikki. Some of the entries were really hilarious.

I think Koyama’s entries are pretty entertaining. With him talking about Tego’s cheekiness. And then him getting surrounded by noisy kindergarten kids on the train. Trying to communicate with them. あぁ…可愛い!!! :rofl:

And poor Shige! Not getting recognised in his classes. Everyone in his class seems to know that a NewS member is in their class but they don’t realise it’s him. One even thought Shige was pulling his leg when Shige said “it’s me” in reply to the guy’s question about a NewS member in their class. But isn’t that good too? Then nobody would bother you so much and you wouldn’t have to question anybody’s intentions of being friends with you.

Oh…and it seems Shige studies English. That’s something good… 🙂

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