let’s watch the children argue

In just a few hours’ time, the citizens of Singapore will decide what they want. But for now, we’ll endure the ridiculous number of news reports which practically eat up the whole time slot for the news on tv. Let’s hurry through the sensational news (which I like watching by the way) and give up the rest of the time watching adults argue like little kids over senseless little issues.

I pick at your bad habits and blow them up so other people will think you’ve been a bad child. And then you’ll have no choice but to defend yourself and then you try to pick at my bad habits too so we can get even. And coz I have a little more power than you have, I’m going to kick your ass so hard that you wish you had never opened your mouth in the first place. Kids, can we stop fighting here and focus on why you guys are even up on stage? Oh, and make sure you realise what’s coming out of your mouth, be realistic and actually fulfill those promises.

Not to mention that the people who watch these silly little arguments going on actually make sparkly banners like when we go watch our favourite idols perform at a concert. I’m horrified. I truly am.

So you think we’re being childish and don’t know what’s going on? What about you? Don’t you think you guys are being childish too? We may not know everything but we aren’t totally ignorant.

Anyway, while the rest of the family is out casting their (oh-so-precious) vote, I’m going to be at home feeling grateful for the peace at last. No more related news reports eating up my sensational news spots. No more annoying little lorries blasting out messages in whatever language available for God knows how many times a day. Incidently, I bet the drivers driving these lorries can actually recite the messages in the various languages.

“We can talk about the faceless evil shadow creatures underneath our clothes. We can talk about the government conspiracies…”

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