never be the same

I updated my version of WordPress. I’m actually quite proud of myself that I managed to do something without having to consult Nad. Well…that is if nothing weird pops up these few days…

I was waiting for the last day of April to come but suddenly it’s May. Coz 30th April means the end of NewS’ concerts and the beginning of their hiatus. There have been many reports of the last day of the tour. Even before they performed at their last venue, there was big news. While the area was being constructed, some speakers fell from the top and hit a female worker’s head. Thank God it was just serious injury (DUH! 32kg on your head) and not fatal. I think NewS had better consult some feng shui master. Bad luck seems to be following them ever since they debuted. First, Moriuchi got kicked out. Then, Uchi got suspended. Then, Kusano’s incident. Then, the announcement of their hiatus. Now, this. *sigh*

Listening to “Dreams” will never be the same again. Ryo changed the lyrics while singing it at the concert. Shige changed the lyrics as well. Massu and Tego both cried when they were singing their duet. 7 months seems like a long time. But we will wait for their return. 😥 Hopefully by the time they return, NewS will be the full 8 member unit.

Ahhhhh…I just realised I forgot to wish Xianglin. Coz we celebrated her birthday on Saturday so it totally slipped off my mind. ごめなさい! So here’s wishing Koyama (1st May) and my best friend (2nd May) a very happy belated birthday! May all your dreams come true!!! Side note: That’s why I need the calendar to remind me. Haven’t got a fantastic memory. :glare:

2 thoughts on “never be the same

  1. haha it’s alright.. many forgot cos I celebrated in advance (disadvantage) lol.. alright, its back to mugging for my exams. meet up with ya after my exams! =)
    take care!

    elisia says: Good luck for your exams!

  2. glad you could upgrade WP without my help 😀

    oh yeah. what version did you upgrade to? (:

    elisia says: 2.0.2? That’s what it says beneath the logo here…is that it?

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