our little adventure

Sis and I went to the airport (really really) early this morning to see 2 friends off. They were going to Japan. Being out so early, we had to fulfill the unspoken rule of having a Mac breakfast.

Common sense would tell one to take the skytrain to Terminal 2 where Mac’s located. Wait for skytrain. Wait…and wait…something’s wrong. How come we have wait so long? Decided to check the board whether they changed the route or something thus the long wait. That’s when I saw it. The skytrain service does not start until 6am. At that moment, it was only 5.40am. So, the whole crowd of people standing there were just oblivious to the fact that they were going to have to wait a super long 20 minutes for a skytrain. Haha…felt so evil… :tongue:

There was an alternative walking route printed on the board but it involved walking on the outside. Sis and I decided to take the lesser known route which involved walking through the offices upstairs. It was like an adventure for us since we haven’t used that route in a very long time.

Walked in and out of doors. Sensing the quietness around us. The last stretch was pretty scary but I forced myself not to think about it coz I had company and it’s really no point scaring yourself for nothing. I noticed that Sis was blabbering a little but didn’t think much of it. Came to the last door. Uh oh. It says “no entry”. But there’s no other way! Can’t be coz we remembered the route was just to go forward and soon you’ll reach the other terminal. Looked at a wall map. There was no mistake, we were going the right way.

Suddenly an office lady appeared from one of the doors behind us. We asked her how to get to the viewing gallery, she pointed us to the opposite direction which was the way we came from. Gut feeling told us not to trust her so we just went out through a walkway to the carpark. That was when Sis admitted that she was blabbering so much coz she felt scared. Haha, knew it. Took the lift down one level and finally managed to get into the main area of Terminal 2.

Not admitting defeat, we tried to trace our steps to see where we gone wrong. We discovered that they changed the viewing gallery a little. It was pretty much gone coz they extended the transit area to house more eateries. This meant that the old route had been blocked off. Ah…now we saw why.

Anyway, we still had that triumphant feeling since it was just past 6am. Haha…that meant we still beat those people back in Terminal 1 waiting for the skytrain. :laugh: Then we settled down for our Mac breakfast.

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