Was supposed to meet Per to go to the Japanese dolls exhibition but the bad weather spoilt everything. And I was late. Then we couldn’t get a cab coz of the bad weather so in the end, Per, Cindi and I went to Uma Uma Men.

Cindi’s friend, Julia joined us later and we spent the whole evening just talking about JE boys…especially Kanjani8…it being Yoko’s birthday and all. By the time we actually left the place, it was already 10pm. Cindi really wanted to have some Yoko birthday cake so we went hunting for cakes – specifically green cakes coz that’s Yoko’s colour. But as you know, all cake shops are closed by that time. Then we saw this ice-cream shop still open and thought “why not have green ice-cream instead?”

Told the girl to press down 3 scoops of ice-cream into the cup so the surface is flat. Asked for some chocolate sauce to write Yoko’s name but the nozzle wasn’t a fine one so it came out pretty splotchy. Thank God for Photoshop coz I decided to make it look better…hehe…



So I guess the day didn’t go that great coz…

  1. I was late.
  2. Bad weather
  3. Bad weather = lack of cabs
  4. Bad weather = lack of cabs = can’t go to the exhibition
  5. Couldn’t get green cake coz it was so late already.
  6. I forgot and left my umbrella in Uma Uma Men.

I was replaying the day’s events in my head while in the shower. Per trying desperately to flag down a cab. Us trying to be sheltered under my umbrella while running across the road. Wait a minute…pause thoughts. My umbrella. Shit. I’ll hate to part with my beloved umbrella coz I love its colour – light green. I asked Mum to get me a uniquely coloured umbrella after someone mistakenly took my previous silver umbrella at my then-workplace and she got me this one. 🙁

PS: You can see that this entry isn’t well-written. But that’s coz I’m tired… :sleep:

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