it’s complicated

I thought of blogging about Xiuwei’s birthday party but after I stepped out of the bathroom, an article on the newspaper caught my eye.

Well, it’s about Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”. Like why am I not surprised? As they say, religion is a very sensitive (and dangerous) topic. Trust me, I’ve been said to have given a figurative slap to the person I was debating with on some religious thinkings. Anyway, I knew that Catholics and Christians would somehow get annoyed by the book/movie. Afterall, it does question on certain things in the religion.

I’m rather curious to know why do people have to make things so complicated. It’s just a book/movie. It’s just Dan Brown’s perception of things. If you believe it, then so be it. If you don’t, then just as well, so be it. Why go create an uproar and make yourself so unhappy over it? Oh…and in turn make other people angry with you?

But that’s just it. I can’t stand some Christians who act so self-righteous. I mean talk about learning God’s way and the next minute you’re condemning someone and saying that he/she will burn in hell. Talk about going to church every Sunday and the next minute you’re spreading rumours and backstabbing someone. *breaks into song* It’s the rumour weeeeeeeeeeeed… Ah sorry, that Veggie Tales song just popped into my mind.

Burn in hell? Who are you to judge me? If God thinks I should burn in hell, that’s for Him to decide, not you. If you think I’m bad, by saying such things, you’re already stooping to my level isn’t it?

Haha…having said the above, I should prepare myself of getting bashed up… :laugh:

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