yoso wa yoso, uchi wa uchi

“他所は他所 家は家!!!”

I bet my mum would have said that if she was Japanese. Hina says this line in a very おばちゃん manner at the beginning of “∞SAKAおばちゃんROCK”. It sounds so funny. Direct translation: “Somewhere else is somewhere else, home is home!!!” Per said it’s probably a common saying for mums when they scold their kids. Like when their kids always come home late.

Oh…I have quite a few things to blog about. From the previous entry, the meme that made me so high… Haha…some people should know why. Give you a hint…Ma___. :woot: It was a meme rin-chan posted in the forum.

Who do you like: Massu :heart:
Who likes you: Shige
Where will you meet the one you like: KFC (Why am I not surprised? KFC = food = Massu) :rofl:
Who do you marry: Shige
Who loves you for real: Shige
What is your ending: have twins

The first line already made me go “AKIRA SHOCK!”

Second, Tacchon’s birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, TACCHON! Per and I met up with Cindi and Julia again to celebrate Tacchon’s birthday on Tuesday. They couldn’t find a green cake again. Some explanation here…light green is Tacchon’s ranger colour. We ended up ordering desserts that were green in colour. With one exception, the red bean ice-cream which has a kanji (小倉) that almost looks like Tacchon’s surname (大倉).

Red bean ice-cream, some green tea mousse (can’t really remember the name of it) and warabi mochi with green tea ice-cream

The green tea mousse came with this cage-like cover…

After the dinner, I went to meet Sis at the airport to welcome Yui and Ryoko back from their trip to Japan. Haven’t read their report on the KAT-TUN concert which they went to watch.

Today, went to ktv with Sis and Per. Cash Studio at Apollo Centre. Good place if you want to sing Japanese songs coz they have this whole book of Japanese songs, almost phonebook thick. I think the only bonus for me, the one being the worst at Japanese, were the NewS songs. We were singing NEWSニッポン and 希望~Yell~ so loudly. :laugh: I can only manage songs that I have partly memorised or have lyrics almost all in hiragana and must be pretty slow coz I read pretty slowly. Which is why Per has been “reprimanding” me that I should go study Japanese. Too lazy lahz…hehe…

Oh. Mum just called me to go bathe. Shall end here. Thanks Per for sending me the radio rip of “∞SAKAおばちゃんROCK”. It goes on repeat mode everytime I listen to it. :rofl:

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