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I probably scared off the spammers with my previous post since I logged in to find…NO SPAM COMMENTS! :rofl: Hallelujah!

Have I passed the phase of idol chasing? Getting the adrenaline rush when queuing up and then seeing my idols. Or is it simply coz I’m not a big fan of the people I’m supposed to be there for? Now, I’m half expecting someone to scream “THEN WHY THE HELL WERE YOU THERE FOR?!” in my face. But I must say, it’s kinda nostalgic doing this all over again. When was the last time I actually did this kinda thing? 2 years ago?

Thinking again, no…I don’t think I’ve really passed that phase. Hell, if it were a JE boy now…Massu, I’ll probably queue up overnight or something. I think it just depends who is it now…

So, I’ve been rambling on and on without getting to the point. The point is…I went to a SuperBand recording (on the pretext of supporting Lucify). Don’t get me wrong here. I do support them since they are sort of related to Japanese music. How related? Ermz…it’s quite a long story and I don’t have the mood to explain now. But anyway, I’m not like a big fan or anything. Unlike Sis who’s laughing really LOUD behind me now…chatting with her friends (fellow fans of Lucify) on MSN. You can call me a…sidelines supporter?

Yes, I did scream to support Lucify while holding Vics name board. It’s only appropriate to do so. It gives the performers encouragement to do well. They enjoy, you enjoy. But it’s not like I’m going to go all doki doki if Vics saw me holding his name board and smiled at me. If Massu did that to me…it’s a different story. *slaps myself…ya…dream on* Yea…so now you get the idea of how much of a fan I am.

After the recording, waited around to take photos with the guys. Again…Sis being the one more excited ok… They appear. A million other people zoom in on them. Ermz…so now we wait?

While waiting…

Then we got to it…

Fanservice…100% :laugh: I must explain the weirdness of having a guy stick his face so close to mine. That’s coz even my poly guy friends don’t do that. So just not used to it ne? And it sucks being short. Coz everyone has to freakin’ bend down when taking photos with me just to match the level of my face. Damnit. :angry:

Here comes the highlight of the day. Sis, Carol and I had supper with Kel. :whistle: Looks can be deceiving. He looks scary and fierce but he’s really not at all scary. Quite a funny person. Talk about 人不可貌相。

So…I guess everyone’s first impression of me is…Elisia is quiet. Damnit. I seem to give everyone that impression. Even my tuition friends said this of me back when I was having tuition in secondary school. Ok, fine. I am quiet. But only towards people I don’t really know. Just ask Per…she’ll tell you when I’m being high over Massu.

I mean…the only options I have probably are:
a) talk something wise/funny and end up the wise/funny topic is only something I can understand. The rest are all going *blink blink* Haha…NOT.
b) hold a conversation totally in Mandarin. I swear I will see question marks popping out above your head. I’m quite comfortable conversing in English…thank you very much.
c) find any topic to talk about. My brain probably runs on 56kbps. Plainly, I’m not skilled in this area. Unlike Sis…
d) remain silent but laugh and have at least a little input at the right moments. So…ME.
e) tune out. I’M NOT RUDE OK!!!

To summarise everything. I’m probably not going to another SuperBand recording. Probably just support Lucify from the sidelines. Go, Lucify~~~GO~~~ *echo: go where? I don’t know~~~* HAHAHAHA… Ok…not funny. But really, ganbatte ne!

Now, with everything said. Should I prepare myself of getting bashed up again? This time by a million Lucify fans?

One thought on “retired idol chaser

  1. omg. u took photos with lucify? how i wish i hv this chance to take photo with them =.=”

    haha not that i gonna bash u up, i not a crazy fan of them either.. hee but i wanan take photos with them.. a visual kei band ^^;

    even had supper with kel somemore.. how come u got to hv with him? he’s so cute leh.. =/

    elisia says: Yea…went to a recording. Supper with Kel? Ehz…coz my sis knows him…ermz…long story. Ya…he’s funny. So unlike his appearance. Haha…

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