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Everytime I watch the SuperBand results show, I can almost get a heart attack. Lucify seems to always get thrown into the “unconfirmed” group. And it doesn’t help that the stupid show keeps going on commercial breaks. The feeling is like pushing you off a cliff and then holding you back just before you actually fall off.

Anyway, 夏日风 is still in. Dots. Static. Whatever. WTF!!! Heard that they get backing from church. Isn’t that like that Jerry fella from Singapore Idol? Even the judges had that “WHAT?!” feeling when he kept getting through.

Thank goodness Lucify is still in. Can you imagine if they got kicked out again? Wah lau…it’ll be like playing ping-pong. Out, in, then out again. *CHOY! touches wood*

Out of sheer boredom (or maybe to celebrate Lucify’s success in this round), I decided to do something…

:woot: WOOT! I finally couldn’t stand it. Photoshopped the uncle out! *pumps fist in the air* To match Kel’s level of nonsense humour, I added the words and the kira kira. HAHAHA…new talkshow on the block. WOOHOO!

Another thing, I find the bassist of Amber, Butter looks like he just walked out of a Digimon episode. To prove it…I found a picture of a character from Digimon

Butter looks like him right? People said he looks like Naruto. Looks more like this character lorz. Ain’t I a genius to have figured it out? :laugh:

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