Too caught up in my thoughts and the recent SuperBand fever that I’ve left out quite a few things.

  1. Haven’t visted JpopMusic forums for a long long time.
  2. Forget to visit Binan no Nikki and friends’ blogs.
  3. Haven’t blogged on certain things.
  4. Haven’t made screenshots from Kanjani8 Spirits! dvd.

Point 1. I’m trying hard not to go there too coz there’s just too many temptations there. Too many things to download. Still haven’t cleared out my harddrive. I’m seriously lagging behind. Haven’t even downloaded the new dramas. Bleargh.

Point 2. I somehow forget to check on Binan no Nikki. Always end up having to go back at least 2-3 pages to read the entries. Ryo and Tacchon went to watch Da Vinci Code. So cool~~~ And I haven’t watched it. Shige talks about English and Computer class. He has bad luck manz. The computer he uses always hangs while he’s doing his quiz. I had a really bad thought. Imagine him getting the blue screen of death one of these days. Muahahahahaha… Friends’ blogs aren’t that bad…coz there’s usually not much to catch up.

Point 3. Fancy me talking about wanting to blog about Xiuwei’s party. Actually I don’t really have the mood to blog about it anymore. And I actually missed out with all the birthday wishes. So whoever I haven’t wished in my blog yet. Happy belated birthday to you guys! May all your dreams come true. 🙂

Point 4. Meant to make a screenshot of aho Maru in his “aunty” costume. To make an avatar out of it. Need to get it done soon so I can return the dvd to Per. By the way, Per, is my Summary concert vcd with you? Or is it just somewhere (lost) in my house? Can’t seem to find it.

Recently, my posters are all falling off the door/wall/cupboard. First it was my S.H.E poster, then the Arashi one, then the Ayu , and just yesterday, the Eriko one. It’s a sign that it’s high-time I change them. The plastic is all warped already. The big Ayu A Ballads poster on the wall just above my bed decided to drop in the middle of the night. Thank God it made a noise loud enough to wake me up before it actually dropped. Imagine waking up to an Ayu poster covering my face. But I don’t really want to change the plastic and all that coz it won’t be long before we move. So there’s no point at all. Maybe I’ll just change the blu-tack.

Just visited the SuperBand blogs. I must say that people can be quite stupid. Yes, it takes some guts to post a not-so-nice sounding comment. But please consider what might follow. Say your not-so-nice comment in blog A (belonging to a not-so-good group), that’s still ok considering the number of other people who are also posting their not-so-nice comments. But if you go post your not-so-nice comment in blog B (belonging to a popular group), I think you’re just digging your own grave. Simply coz the number of fans outnumber you and I don’t think the fans are just going to take all your “valuable” comments sitting down.

Be smart. Post in your own blog. Like ME…HAHAHAHA… Coz it belongs to you so you more or less have full control. :laugh:

Ok…got to go now. Going to watch X-Men…lalala…

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